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Wood Fences – Many homeowners who take the option to build fences in their homes to provide greater security both home and those who reside in it, as well as to demarcate their land and to reduce noise. These fences generally offer outside of homes ornamentation and perfect style, of course, if you build a perfect and well designed shape.
Wood fences are an excellent way to keep dogs in the garden or provide a safe area for children to play. They are available in various styles, sizes and finishes. Wood fences can increase the security of your property or add a decorative element in the garden.

wood fences

The decoration of a house does not simply refer to all the ornaments we put inside, but should also include details of the exterior. Today, many houses have high walls boring and shelter them from the outside, but what if those walls will change by a wooden fence? The result would be a house with a much more friendly and totally full of energy and freshness facade.
Who does not like to sit on a hot afternoon on the porch of his house for a refreshing drink? Well do I have news, if you want to have a porch to rest, your best addition is a beautiful wooden fence. The designs senses will be your best choice, and to create the environment uses some ornamental plants and armchairs.
To give a more formal appearance and maintain the privacy of your home, you can choose a design that has fewer gaps, how are you plates with wooden pallets, aligned horizontally. You can supplement it with small planters, as the image, or with some campiranos elements to make it more rural. To achieve a better finish ensures that the walls are tables looking tired and textures and different colors.
The best thing is that wooden fences make your home very natural and fresh light, making it a beautiful personal sanctuary. You can choose from a classic close dwarf, with separate posts, or choose designs more tablets to increase security. Be your house, your garden or your terrace, anywhere look better with a wooden fence. If you do not believe I watch it with your own eyes! Wood Fences
When you are looking to create a natural space, and this includes stairs, choose the design can be tricky. You need a material that will not break easily such as glass, or that is not as hard as metal; then the wood is your best choice. And you do not run with a boring linear design, we propose the design with triangles and irregular lines and complement them with a fence that will give continuity to the design.
The structure of wood fences can be quite varied. They range from consecutive woods, horizontally or vertically. But you want your fence is complemented by some bushes, it’s best to choose designs that have spaces in which the shrubs can be mixed with wood.
If your house is surrounded by an area with few buildings, or want to delimit the surface of your house, then this design of dog fences is suitable for you. Its simple design achieved define spaces, without this meaning an invasion of the environment. You can choose to simply parallel bars, or mix a base formed by horizontal bars and top with separate stakes, as shown on the facade of this design.
Wood fences can also help you create concept of decoration. For a more elegant and sophisticated design, you can include wooden stakes that have a definite shape.
The perimeter fences of a house not only allow us to have control of the limits of our land, they are also integral to the design of the house.
Wood fences located in Houston TX, with Wood Fence Installation. You can install a variety of quality wooden fences: Horizontal, wooden fence, style ranch near on custom, trellis, etc.
The wood fences is a traditional element which remains in force despite several centuries. In addition to providing security against intruders and curious, it is an element that brings warmth and decorate as any other green space.
In some countries it is also known as fences fences. Initially the fences began to settle on farms or agricultural land and then spread to private spaces such as gardens of family houses. Being a natural element, wood is the material suitable for this function and fitting in an environment where the grass, trees, plants and flowers are the protagonists of the environment.
There are many options to choose from wood. In the case of cultivated eucalyptus or pine wood can be used in both cases with treatment or impregnation to help them preserve in the open.
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Types of Wood Fences


We are specialists and industry leaders in manufacturing and assembly of wooden fences. Wooden fences garden, pool and playground are the main types that we included in the family of modular fences or panel.

Children wooden fences:

Panel fences are installed in public parks where there is a playground for the little ones. Play areas are peripherally to reduce risks to protect children and prevent go on the playground of the elderly, or areas with traffic, facilitating monitoring by adults.


Wood fences for pools:


Wood fences are installed as protection panel to reduce the risk of accidental drowning people and animals. Usually the perimeter of the glass of the pool is protected by a wooden barrier security high enough that children can not access the site.

Wooden garden fences:

The panel fences are installed in the gardens to protect plants footsteps. Usually the perimeter of the garden is protected by a fence modular treated wood for outdoor use with a door to access the care of plants and flowers.

Gardening is very common application in garden fences, pool fences, wooden pallets, boxes and garden buildings such as gazebos and sheds.

In natural areas, fences with poles turned wood (logs), gateways and wood beaches, ecological sleepers, street furniture garden are most commonly used products.

Construction of fences, both turned wooden posts as posts for mounting square section embedded in the ground are used. Wood for fence pillars is always supplied with treatment Wood Fences


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